What To Do If Your Boardbag Fabric Tears After Surf Trip

We understand how you feel and it sucks.

Our fabric is strong and the components we use are the best in the industry. When we send you a new boardbag, we guarantee that it will be tear-free and downright awesomely beautiful.

However, boardbags are not bomb shelters, they are made of fabric. Like you, we are frustrated when a baggage handler or some other miscreant rips a Wave Tribe bag because they jammed it into a tight spot or because it got caught on the conveyor-belt while being offloaded from the plane.

Though we wish we could guard your bag against all bad things out there, we just can't and we understand that you realize that this is one of the risks we take as surfers when we travel with our surfboards.

We have some recommendations for you.

If the airline tears your boardbag or some other unforeseen event happens we recommend you file a claim with the airline and get some cash for their mishandling of your property.

You may also fix any tears or rips with a patch kit. It can actually add some fun personal style to your bag—get creative, iron-on patches or check out this leather patch kit available on Amazon.

Happy Travels!

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