Repair or Replace a Faulty Zipper

A zipper is comprised of two component: the zipper pull and the zipper cord (or trail). 

If the zipper pull breaks (that is the then you pull bro) then you'll need to access the underbelly of the bag and figure out where the end pieces are.

You'll likely need to squeeze the zipper past the stitch and then at the end you can pull off the old one and place a new one (dude, righteous).

If you got trail problems, like your zipper teeth are torn or smashed, then you'll need to replace the entire zipper cord. This is a much bigger job and in order to do this you'll need to take the board bag apart, take the old zipper out and replace with a new one.

What kind of lubrication is best for the zipper? Any oil—but a silicon oil is best

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