Which size travel bag should I buy?

The first question is wheels or no wheels?
The next question is how many surfboards do you want to travel with?

We currently make travel bags the following sizes, with and without wheels.

  • 6'2 - 6'7 - 7'6 Mini-Retro
  • 6'7 Shortboard
  • 7'6 Shortboard-Gun
  • 8'6 Mal/Long
  • 9'6 Long

The Mini-Retro is made for fish, retro, mini + short-board options---these bags are best if you travel with a wider and thicker board or boards. Most surfers travel with one retro style board and one classic thruster. These bags are the best for those types of surfers.

The Mini-Retro has a big tail and wider mid section to accommodate retro and mini simmons shapes.

For surfers that roll with ONLY a shortboard the 6'7 is the best bag (the 6'7 does have a different shape—thruster type shape all the way through without the big tail.)

The other sizes we make are 7'6, 8'6, and 9'6.

You should get a bag closest to your longest board—having a few extra inches is ok and these days it's better to stuff your boardbag with your travel goodies as the airline is going to charge you for that boardbag so you might as well use the space.

See this article for more information.

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