How much cork is in the deckpad?

That is a great question.

We went through several mixtures before we found the right one.

Most deck pads are made from EVA plastic (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).

We first tested recycled EVA pads but they didn't hold up well, they were a bit soft and didn't quite offer the right consistency.

After trying several different alternatives we came across CORK.

After making and testing a cork + eva composite we were very pleased with the results and you will be too.  

The deckpad is not all cork, it would just float away and crumble in your hands if it were.

The Wave Tribe deckpad is a composite, which mean a mixture.

The EVA and cork material is mixed together before being put into the mold.

If you look closely you'll see little cork flakes throughout the pad.

A lot of people ask us how much cork we use and it kinda depends on the mixture and batch.

Though we can't tell you exactly how much we use we can tell you that the cork gets to be close to half the mixture.

That's cool, no?

~ Wave Tribe

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