What do I do if I break a leash?

What size leash do I buy?

First of all, tell us what you were surfing and how big it was. 

If it was going off, please include a picture. 

Ok, so if you broke the leash within a year we'll send you a new one. 

We'd ask you to send us a picture of the leash so we can do some R&D on where it broke.


Yea, we like to know how to make our stuff better.

Next let us know where you bought it and what size it is.

So let's review:

1) Picture of broken leash

2) Size of leash

3) Where you bought it

4) Your address

Then go here and fill out this form: http://returns.wavetribe.com/

Once we get that info we'll send you a new one.


~ Wave Tribe    

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