What is a day bag?

A day boardbag is one that you use for day-to-day stuff.

It's the one you might put on top of the car or side into your ladies vehicle when she isn't looking.

Most day boardbags have a pocket (ours have two) to hide goodies like fins, wax or your chiwawa.

Look for one with a good handle too, it's always good to have something to grab.

Day board bags usually include about 5mm of padding to protect the board during beach transport.

Five mm isn't a ton of padding (your wetsuit has 2-4mm) but its enough to protect it if you bump into your little brother while loading the car but you won't be able to bounce it off the ground like a b-ball.

Day board bags also do a good job of keeping your board from overheating while in your ride making out with your girl or lying on the beach soaking in the sun.

Most day board bags are covered with reflective material and have insulation that keeps the board cool when the sun is shining through your window or if your board rides on top of your car.

Believe it or not heat can damage a board, so you want to be careful where you leave it.

The reflective material ensures you won't find a mess of wax inside when you open it up or cook your board while grabbing a beer with your bros after your session.

A surfboard day bag would be the best option for you if you carry your board a good bit.

For those people that have a long walk to the beach like Trestles (get a skateboard) a day bag with a shoulder strap can be a lifesaver.

We call out DAY boardbag the pioneer, cause we are special . . . and it's made from hemp.    

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